Noto Sans Shavian is an unmodulated (β€œsans serif”) design for texts in the historical artificial Shavian script.

Noto Sans Shavian contains 53 glyphs, and supports 52 characters from the Unicode block Shavian.

Supported writing systems


Shavian (𐑖𐑱𐑝𐑾𐑯 π‘¨π‘€π‘“π‘©π‘šπ‘§π‘‘) is an artificial alphabet, written left-to-right. Created around 1960 by Ronald Kingsley Read for phonetic spelling of English. The winning entry in a competition posthumously funded by playwright Bernard Shaw. Also adopted for Esperanto. Needs software support for complex text layout (shaping). Read more on ScriptSource, Unicode, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, r12a.