Noto Sans Devanagari UI is an unmodulated (“sans serif”) design for app and website user interfaces in the Indic Devanagari script.

Noto Sans Devanagari UI contains 922 glyphs, 17 OpenType features, and supports 272 characters from 6 Unicode blocks: Devanagari, Vedic Extensions, Devanagari Extended, Basic Latin, General Punctuation, Common Indic Number Forms.

Supported writing systems


Devanagari (Negari, देवनागरी) is an Indic abugida, written left-to-right with a headstroke (over 600 million users). Used in India and Nepal for over 120 languages like Indo-Aryan languages, including Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, Maithili, Awadhi, Newari and Bhojpuri, and for Sanskrit. 4th most widely used script in the world. Brahmic script created in the 1st century CE, the modern form developed in the 7th century. Has 14 vowels and 33 consonants. Needs software support for complex text layout (shaping). Read more on ScriptSource, Unicode, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, r12a.