Noto Sans Hanifi Rohingya is an unmodulated (β€œsans serif”) design for texts in the Southeast Asian Hanifi Rohingya script.

Noto Sans Hanifi Rohingya has multiple weights, contains 179 glyphs, 8 OpenType features, and supports 65 characters from 2 Unicode blocks: Hanifi Rohingya, Arabic.

Supported writing systems

Hanifi Rohingya

Hanifi Rohingya (π΄Œπ΄Ÿπ΄‡π΄₯π΄π΄šπ΄’π΄™π΄ π΄‡π΄π΄•π΄žπ΄‰π΄ž 𐴓𐴠𐴑𐴀𐴝) is a Southeast Asian script, written right-to-left. Used in Myanmar since the 1980s for the Rohingya language (1.5 million speakers), which was previously witten in Arabic script. Created by Mohammad Hanif. Read more on ScriptSource, Unicode, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, r12a.