Noto Sans Gunjala Gondi is an unmodulated (“sans serif”) design for texts in the Indic Gunjala Gondi script.

Noto Sans Gunjala Gondi contains 254 glyphs, 7 OpenType features, and supports 94 characters from 3 Unicode blocks: Gunjala Gondi, Basic Latin, General Punctuation.

Supported writing systems

Gunjala Gondi

Gunjala Gondi (Koytura Gunjala Lipi, 𑵶𑶍𑶕𑶀𑵵𑶊 𑵶𑶓𑶕𑶂𑶋 𑵵𑶋𑶅𑶋) is an Indic abugida, written left-to-right. Used in India’s northern Telangana, eastern Maharashtra, southeastern Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh regions for the Gondi language. Was used to write manuscripts dated ca. 1750 that were discovered 2006 in Gunjala, a Gond village in the Indian state of Telangana. Recently revived among the Gond population. Unrelated to the 1918-created Masaram Gondi. Needs software support for complex text layout (shaping). Read more on ScriptSource, Unicode, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, r12a.